Wood Floor Installations

Hardwood Floors
Knowing the type of subflooring helps determine the method for installation of hardwood floors. In case of Plywood, hardwood flooring is nailed to the plywood, with Concrete subfloor it is glued and in some cases, Laminate flooring can simply be “floating” over the original floor, anchored only by the tightness of its tongue-and-groove construction.


Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Refinishing hardwood floors can be a quick or lengthy process depending upon the damage. The process often includes:

Sanding the floor boards,
Staining the hardwood,
and Sealing the stain for a longer lasting finish.

Wood Floor Repair

When repairing wood floors, we attempt to aquire supplies of the same size and species of wood floor from the original manufacturer. In the event same size and species is unavailable from the manufacturer, we will repair the floor with unfinished wood, then sand and refinish the whole floor.


Wood Trim Installation

Installing crown moulding, wainscot paneling, chair rails or mantel trims enhances architectural elegance for a home or office and offers you the opportunity to design and create the look and style you want.

Floor Covering Removal

We remove any and all old floor coverings.

Removing Vinyl Flooring
Removing Linoleum Flooring
Removing Ceramic Tiles
Removing Carpet